Hotel Viliam Fraňo Nitra

Indoor shooting range, a part of the hotel area, is a perfect place to experience handgun or rifle shooting all year round. There are 10 stages for up to 50 m shooting and 2 stages for up to 100m shooting. Even if you are not a gun license owner, our skilled shooting instructor is available for your help and you can give it a try.


NITRA Historical city centre

The Nitra castle

-          The Diocese Museum of the Nitra Bishopric

-          The Gothic ditch

-          Plague column of the Virgin Mary Immaculate

Nitra Synagogue

Theatre of Andrej Bagar (Divadlo Andreja Bagara)

Drazovce church – one of the oldest churches in Slovakia (13km)

Zobor hill

Thermalpark Nitrava Polny Kesov (16km)

Thermal spa Podhajska Aquamarin (40km)

Apponyi Library (29 km)

Agrokomplex exhibition area

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Hotel Viliam Fraňo

Síkarská 15
949 05, Nitra – Dolné Krškany

48⁰ 16´ 19.690277“ N
18⁰ 5´  7.0940495“ E



RECEPCIA / RECEPTION: +421 905 438 436

phone 17 16   +421 37 / 2400020

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